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Do you need a 10k+ Instagram account?

The benefits of having 10k+ followers mean that you are now a member of a certain elite group of individuals on Instagram know as micro Influencers. These are the people who have the power of a large number of followers and have the influence over them. (def. from Quora)

On top of the "prestige", you can - if you have a business account - add external web links in the Stories when you reach the 10k threshold.
Reminder: At any size, you can link your IGTV in your stories. You could already use Later and their to tag weblink in your posts to your shops.

In less than 5 months, THoTA reached almost 11k followers 💪

As a long-term strategy, THoTA favours quality followers over quantity in order to keep the engagement high. The engagement will keep you in the top 9 # block and in Explore.

What size do you need to sell art or be "discovered", frankly, it depends on what you do. Some artists regularly sell with 1,200 followers, some got a gallery with only 700 followers, and another one had an article with 261 followers - there is no rule of thumb. But seriously, the more good connections you have, the more chances you have to find that gallery, that collector or that curator interested in your artwork.

Digital numbers are usually high for a pretty low return. You might have one buying collector every 1k follower. And, you need time to help you to find your ideal followers.

👋 Hello, for those who don't know me ...

My name is YoungMi

Since 2015, I have helped artists, galleries and fairs to reach their communication objectives.

Adding to my MA Marketing degree, I studied Art Business & Management at Birkbeck University in London and at Sotheby's Institute of Arts (SIA) in New York.

Based in London, I speak English and French. Currently, a UAL mentor (University of Arts London)

More credentials (on the home page) that "Make Instagram Work for You".

Pre-enrolment stops on 1 Sept 2019.

THoTA Instagram Academy Course: "How to gain 10k+ Instagram followers"

The ultimate step-by-step course teaches you how to get more exposure, followers, art sales, traffic to your website and how to network with your target audience. 

EASY STEPS for newbies or confirmed users.

I am creating the course right now:

  • if you cannot wait until September, I can give you a 1:1 private course too
  • TODAY, lifetime access to all the private areas +  3x50 min. coaching £ 299.
    And, I will give you lifetime access to the Hashtag course and the Profile Optimisation too.
  • 1 Sept 2019, it will be £ 399 with only three-month access + 45 min. (3x15 min.) coaching 😲

In three months, you learn how to manage your Instagram account independently like a pro.

Invest in yourself, save time = save money

Register to the course 👇

10 reasons to join before 1 Sept 2019:

E-book / online webinar

Step-by-Step information to support your account growth on Instagram. About 5 modules and 60 training. (value £ 899)


All the tools to help you and Pro hacks to speed up the process. All templates ready to use (value £ 399)

Mentoring / Coaching

You have a burning question, WhatsApp me and I will respond quickly. 

Plus you got 3 x 50 min. personalised coaching (value £ 180)

Live QandA

  • Live QandA on Instagram private account
  • Replay on #IGTV
  • I'll do it manually for each of you, thanks for your patience 😄

+ Bonus

Instagram Profile Optimisation

Get feedback on how to make your Instagram profile stand out with the Profile Optimisation. (value £ 60)

Access to THoTA Club 

Receive the private e-news including in-depth Instagram tips, Digital Marketing and Artist Mentoring. (value £ 210)

10 Collectors name on Instagram

There are the obvious and the hidden art collectors on Instagram. (value £ 30)

Get likes from all THoTA Associated accounts

Get a little extra push with all THoTA accounts likes.

IG Close Friends

The "Close Friends" list on Instagram, so I can share Stories with you privately. 

I'll add you manually too, thanks for your patience 😄 

Total price value @  £ 1,778

Book for the pre-book offer or 1:1 now offer at GBP 299.  
You can pay either in full or in 3 instalments of GBP 110.

Book a quick chat before booking

Money-Back Guarantee

We totally guarantee your satisfaction with THoTA Instagram Academy. In fact, we back our course with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all the strategies in the course. However, in order to qualify for a refund, you have to complete the THoTA Instagram Academy: "How to gain 10k followers on Instagram" course. If you are unsatisfied - a refund will be given if you have viewed and completed all the lessons and exercises within the 30-day refund period.
Please send us an email to instagramacademy(at)thehousehouseoftheartists(dot)com and we will offer you a 30-day money back guarantee as long as you have completed "to date" all the lessons in the THoTA Instagram Academy. 

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Do you want quality on Instagram?