Mentoring Details

1. Artists Statements

Your artist statement is an important, useful piece of text that enables curators, collectors, gallerists and peers to connect with your line of enquiry. This summary of your practice is useful for your website and supports applications to residencies, competitions and open exhibitions as well as providing a summary for press or writers.

If your artist statement isn't up to scratch it might actually be preventing people connecting with your work and stop you from succeeding. Having great work is, of course, the priority, but today the art world wants reassurance that you know why you are doing what you are doing and they want an insight into your world and the things that drive you. If your statement sounds vague, boring or confused, it will affect how people read your images.

Many artists find writing objectively about their work difficult and drawing together the complex range of ideas that are inherent in your body of work is inevitably a challenge!

Sometimes it helps to have an objective, critical eye look at your statement to see if there is a way to improve how you are communicating about your work.

During an Artist Mentoring session I can:

  • Offer objective critical feedback on your existing artist statement
  • Make suggestions for you to improve the statement

Once I have met you and have a deeper understanding of your work I can also update or write your statement on your behalf.

If it involves looking at more images of work or watching videos this could take around two hours.

I can guarantee, however, that you will have a more dynamic and intriguing overview of your work, that will also help focus your existing and developing body of work.

2. Portfolio reviews

Sometimes it's lonely working in your studio. Discussions with artists and friends are useful and important, but occasionally you want to be able to speak in an unguarded way about your successes, anxieties, frustrations or blocks in your work.

It might be that you have suspicions that a different scale, medium or framing might shift the work significantly but don't have the budget to take that risk, so talking it through would help.

An Artist Mentoring Portfolio review session offers a timely opportunity to reflect on what's happening in your studio at a particular moment, with somebody who's in the business.

Ideally, we view work in your studio together, but the discussion can also centre around images on a laptop or website.

  • I can offer objective critical feedback on your work, supporting you to consolidate areas of work in progress and potential areas for development.
  • We will discuss challenges you are facing in a single work or a body or work, whether it's source material, content, scale, medium or editing.
  • I will make recommendations that will help unlock creative blocks.

I have a wealth of experience of working with artists and in supporting them developing their work and I would be happy to support you realising your full potential.

3. Maintaining gallery relationships.

When you finally gain obtain a gallery representation, there are a few rules to maintain the good working relationship with your gallery. From reviewing the contract, being sure to be paid and review inventory, preparing the next fair or exhibition. I help you to consolidate the relationship based on trust.

4.Curating and exhibiting

During an Artist Mentoring session, I can offer support for editing and be curating your work to produce a coherent exhibition, including:

  • Selecting artworks
  • Preparing Project Plan & Budgets
  • Writing Loan or Consignment Agreements
  • Catalogue Design & Production
  • Press & Communications
  • Developing associated public programme
  • Overseeing Exhibition Design and external technicians & managing installation team
  • Coordinating transportation of artworks
  • Supervising installation/de-installation
  • Organising the private view & events
  • Invigilation and security
  • Organising insurance

I can offer support or input on any aspect of exhibition making during our Artist Mentoring session or in follow up sessions.

5. Marketing and Communications

Independently written texts on your work clarify your line of enquiry for the public and are useful for submitting to applications, distributing to curators, collectors, press and showcasing on your website.

I can offer feedback on or write:

  • Press Releases
  • Catalogue Texts
  • Website content
  • Exhibition proposals
  • Applications

Alternatively, I can suggest and commission other writers on your behalf.

Marketing campaigns are also crucial to the success of any exhibition or event and I can offer advice on managing all aspects of your campaign, from key press to contact to managing your e-shots and social media campaign.

6. Pricing and selling

I can advise on all aspects of pricing and be selling your work, including

  • Liaising with collectors
  • Identifying new collectors
  • Pitching your work at the right price
  • Consignment forms
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Discounts
  • Editioning

7. Documentation

High-quality images are crucial to your success and in order to represent your work internationally.

  • I can recommend photographers that will document your work to a high professional standard or alternatively suggest editing the images you already have.
  • Together we can select work that is the best representation of your practice and is coherent for applications.
  • I can recommend the way to present your images online and in PDF's.

The right range of images, with the right titles, will make a huge difference to your chances of success.

8. Making applications

  • It's crucial to be proactive and apply for exhibition opens, competitions, residencies and funding to further your practice and career.
  • I can advise on relevant opportunities to apply for, support you in writing applications, budgets and what images and text to apply with.

9. Reaching new audiences

  • Finding the right audiences is crucial to ensure a legacy of your work.
  • Assessing your work and your exhibitions history to date will help me identify potential audiences for your work and areas for development.
  • If the work is exhibition ready, I will identify key individuals to introduce your work to.
  • If you have an upcoming exhibition I can advise on communications plan to outline key messages, potential audiences, PR campaign and press targets, marketing materials and timeline.