Why do you need to re-engage?


Here's the hard truth: we all are going to see a natural decline in organic reach as Instagram continues to grow as a platform.

With about 95 million posts and 250k Stories are shared daily, there is a limited amount that people can naturally consume. Therefore, the decline even if we work hard on that organic reach.

As you know,  the engagement rate is KEY to a healthy active community. In this post, we will see how to re-engage a follower.

The new Instagram algorithm favours posts with high engagement within 5 min.

High engagement does not mean a high number of followers but a high level of comments & likes in a short period of time from your followers and other Instagrammers.

What is an engagement?

Here are some examples of what are considered engagements (or interactions):

  • Post Likes 
  • Reposts
  • Views (video)
  • Comments: emoji, text and #, response and likes
  • Tags in comments
  • Save: you can save in your library post you want to view again

What is considered a good engagement rate?

The ratio varies on different social media platforms.

The common mistake

Most of us are focusing on the number of followers whereas the most important factors are the number of reach and the engagement rate.

Rough engagement formula: total (Engagements per post / post reach) x 100

PRO FORMULA: Average Engagement Rate (%) Per Post = [(Total Engagement / Follower Counts) / Number of Posts] x 100

Impression or Reach?

"Impression" is the number of times users are exposed to your post - even several times. This is not good to calculate the engagement rate because if the person did not like you the first time, why would they the second time?

"Reach" is the number of single users having seen your post. Hence, a more accurate engagement rate would include the number of reach.

Alberto's account is having the same result as J'Amore in term of like and more comments.

As you can see from the screenshots below, even if I removed half of my lagger followers, THoTA gained more engagement with its current and new audience.

How to re-engage your followers?

As I regularly clean up my follower base, I spotted that a few of my main followers did not like me for two weeks. It's time to re-engage them.

No software can like the followers and following automatically, this is your manual job. And in a flow of images, you may have skipped some users or they were posting in blocks.

From the £10 app, I can see who are my best followers and specifically decide to give a treat (like, comment, just a hello message on their story) to my best 50 ones on a regular basis. And everyone during Christmas, as I know that most people have a break and can be active 😀

And it pays off since my engagement rate reach: 7.75%

Be pro-active

The more difficult users are the laggers (low reaction). Select those who did not engage with you for the last two weeks (depending on your posting habit). Go to the followers profile and like pictures / comment. If within a week, they do not like you back, they may not be interested in your feed anymore and you could potentially remove them. 

If you unfollows users, your engagement rate will immediately increase, as per Denise's profile. That's the reason you should follow only the bare minimum.

Software automation

Yes, no software can like on your behalf a specific profile, but you can enter the user name and can ask the software to like randomly 1 to 3 images of a target audience. This takes time but sometimes, re-connecting is time-saving in the long-run compared to starting a whole relationship with someone new.


Apply scrupulously the rule of 20/80: act 80% of your time towards your community.
A good relationship starts with the first likes and follow. Comment often it leaves a better imprint as 1 comment equals 5 likes on Instagram.
Follows only your best and active followers: those who respond by commenting back, liking back and reposting you.

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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