Who to unfollow or block?


In the previous post "Booh! Chase Ghosts for Halloween", we've seen that the engagement rate is KEY and that inactive followers reduce, your profile optimal performance. 

So now how to clean up your followers?

You can invest in a phone app that cost around £10 or if you prefer to work on a desktop Picbear to check the stream of followers/following, and engagement. 

For the phone app, it's easy, you have to click on their name and block them to break the link they have with you. The same action applies for those who like you the least, 1 like four months ago.

Instagram allows you only 60 actions per hour. Or Instagram may block your account for a few hours/days.

About the phone app, there might be some discrepancies (about 1%) but frankly, with 800 million daily users, do not fear you won't have your share of good followers. 

To note: when you block someone, their like and comment are removed from your profile. Your likes and comments remain on their profile. As I usually archive older posts, this has no effect on my current or recent campaign.

To manage your account is to know who follows you as much as who you follow.

Who is a good follower?

All depends on who is your target, who do you want to show your artwork to and like it. A good follower is someone that likes regularly your posts over a few months

A healthy relationship is built from the moment an action was made (follow / like / comment). It is therefore important to respond by following back / liking back / commenting back and/or liking the comment.

By principle, if you follow a target, like at least 3 photos and maybe they follow you back. After two days, if the people you followed don't follow you back, then you can unfollow them. Because, you want Instagram daily users.

Guard your account carefully from those who are not your target audience. I personally look at all the profiles of the people who interacted with me. As an example, I do immediately block followers, like those with:

  • A private account -> why are you on the social media? I feel it's voyeurism ;o)
  • 0 posts, no bio and a blank portrait are most probably not active on IG,
  • Following more than 1,500 accounts, this person will not see you well in their home feed - so you will have to block them at some point,
  • only selfies, 
  • A bio to sell their product or service too obviously. I'm not a springboard for your online shop (Etsy, agency, beauty, real estate, tattoo artist, motivation quote and so forth)
  • Antique or furniture shop, my focus is on contemporary art,
  • Teenagers of 13 years, thank you, but you are not my audience,
  • Those who stopped liking / commenting on a regular basis (you need to post regularly - even once per week is enough),
  • Those who unfollowed me after 3 days, and I unlike the pictures I liked,
  • and finally, the escorts and people from the sex industry.


Favour quality vs quantity! You manage your account, you decide who to follow and who is following you.

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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