What's the difference between Like and Follow?


All depends what are your objectives. If you want to look good whatever the performance, the followers number is important. If you favour the engagement rate, the likes and comment, save or repost are the key performance indicators.

Liking vs Following

You can have lots of people liking you once and go. This is fine and easy. When you become viral, the likers change into followers.

Once a person follows you, it requires more management. How often did the person like you? Do you have to like back? What do I do if they never interact?

The ideal new followers habits: follow + 3 likes and regularly like you

When a new follower likes 6+ posts in one go, I am a bit suspicious that the person will not interact with me later. If after a month no new likes arise, it's a lagger user.

I think that I personally prefer to have a small but strong community that reacts to each of my posts and build it slowly but surely. I have two accounts with as many likes as big accounts of 10k+ followers. My performance ratio is better than them and I am turning into an Influencer in my own rights.

The fling of a moment may lower your account performance on the long-term. As I grew The House of The Artists account up to almost 11k followers in 6 months. I saw my engagement rate decreasing dramatically to 115 average likes per post.

My ideal account would have 10k followers and 12k+ engagements per post! This is, of course, possible - if the likers are real people. And, I am working on it. Not growing any account madly until I have the engagement rate I want. Something like the account below:

Let's say as an artist, your primary objective is to increase your awareness with collectors and galleries. You believe that your artworks are quality and can sell well.

Using Instagram to increase your reach and likeability is perfect! The social proof may interest a gallerist or a collector. 

Although, please note that they may follow you for a couple of months or year before they contact you. It's when you have to be pro-active and engage an off-line conversation.

Instagram is the perfect window to show your artworks, your events, how regularly you produce new series and how your style evolves.

You may sell here and there. And that's a good return on your time passed on Instagram and maybe the investment in advert and website maintenance.

Comparison between my personal account and THoTA.

I've got more likes than bigger accounts and some others big names. So why would you like me to grow it back to 5k? 

Inactive users decrease your account performance. With an average jump of 80 new followers per day, my engagement rate would become terrible if I kept those who do not interact. By now my personal account would be over 6k and THoTA 15k. 

Since I am not interested in mass lagger users, each new follower who does not interact with me is blocked. There are 1 billion Instagrammers and 500 million daily users on Instagram.

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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