What are the restrictions on Instagram?


Today you feel engulfed by an energy to like back followers. You go to a previous post and decide to like all the people who liked you. But after you started liking 100 images, you realise that some of those users were not liked back and Instagram reacts funnily 😫

Instagram regulates the flow of activities to about 
350 likes, 60 comments and 60 follows/unfollows per hour. A maximum of 2,500 actions per day!

What does Instagram consider as an action?

Any click such as: Like, unlike, follow, unfollow, comment, like a comment, respond to comment, DM and response to stories.
Therefore, it's important to prioritise your actions and to whom.


Maybe if you are in a growing phase, start liking, commenting and following, plus send a DM (direct message) to the new followers, respond to DM. Then, like the comments you received and respond to stories.

If you are on a contraction day: unfollow even unlike those who did not engage with you. Moreover, I do unlike all the posts of someone who unfollow me after 1 or 2 days. How, do I know? It's easy because every new follower receives 3 likes, it's easy for me to remember.

Final point, why big accounts do not engage with you? The lucky accounts with more than 2,500 engagement cannot - even if they want to - engage back with you. They keep each action for their peers or if you give value to them. You have a value of 2,400 actions per day => target them cautiously!


If you are too greedy and using BOTs, you are easily detectable and Instagram will block you. You should start slowly with BOT that it looks as natural as possible for the like, follow / unfollow, comment and DM. 

"Rate Limit Exceeded Instagram Error." If you receive this error, determine which limit you're violating and either wait for the time restriction to pass or take the steps to lower your activity. And Instagram will anyway prevent you from doing the faulty action from a couple of min. to hours or days. I've been blocked 5 days and could not like any posts during ArtBasel.

And then, you need to have a break if you like at 350 / hr rate all day long, you will be blocked. If you follow 100 and then unfollow 150, you will be blocked. You should never use several BOTS at the same time, because they do constantly send requests to Instagram - even if they don't perform any actions, so making you easily spottable.

It means that you are violating Instagram Community Guidelines and that you will most probably never get that blue tick - unless you become a celebrity.


Other limits, you can follow maximum 7,500 accounts but seriously why would you over spam your account? And become a Mass Follower?

There is no limit on how many people can follow you.


Characters per posts: max 2,200 (including word and space and # and . . . ) 

You can and should add 30 # in your posts, then 10 # in your IG Stories => jump into Stories Explore and/or Explore.

You can post as much as you want but cannot delete more than 10 posts per day. Anyway, it would be better for you to Archive the posts and not delete them. Instagram shows only 200 posts. Anything past this limit will not be viewable from your feed.

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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