Use more Direct Messages (DM) 


You've got new followers! Great! 

So now what?

Maybe you go to their profile and give 3 likes and/or a comment.

And, to reinforce this new relation, you send a DM (direct message).

The advantage of Instagram is that you can create a bridge communication by simply being you. 

Just be human.

No need to elaborate professional mail system. A simple Thank you note is enough.

Ask them a question. Talk about a similar interest. Give them a genuine compliment.

Use this an opportunity to find out what makes them tick, and why were they interested in your profile.

And before they go, maybe remind your new follower to like / comment / share 😜.

Use the Quick replies

After a while, you will notice that the same questions are popping out. So instead of typing all over again or dictating. Create template responses with the Quick replies.

Or if you use a Bot to send a thank you note, it does the job.

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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Pro Tips

Work in series


One of the most common problems I see with artists is that they make art randomly - where the creative flow brings them.

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