Time to speed up


If you apply all the previous tips, you are possibly more comfortable. Now, it is really time to speed up the process.


You've certainly remarked that you gain more followers when you post. So now if you gain 10 new followers by post; should you post more often? The answer is yes and why?

  1. The new algorithm is not displayed chronologically so even if you start posting 4 times per day (with min 5 hrs break), you will not really spam your followers. 
  2. Some followers, oh that's a chock, are not daily users. Yes, there are still out there, people going only once per week or when they post.


You post some stories now and then. It's time to pay more attention about what you say, to whom and when. What is the desired result of your stories? 

Stories (if you have a business account and more than 10k followers) can redirect to external links such as website or your IG TV.

Stories can complement your feed by adding more human / personal stuff (since they disappear in 24 hrs)