The power of hashtags on Instagram


The main purpose of a hashtag is to get into larger conversations with people who are not your followers yet. Building an impressive profile on Instagram is a long-term project with long-term benefits.

What is an hashtag?

An Instagram hashtag is a singular word, or series of words, that is marked with a hash symbol (#) which is used in a post's description, or comments section. These hashtags help Instagram to organise and categorise content, which enables the platform to present the right content to the right users. 

What's the purpose of using #?

  1. Gain more likes: increase your exposure with specific # in Instagram categories.
  2. Gain more followers: Instagramers interested in a certain field such as #contemporaryart may find you easily and you'll be referred as suggested users.
  3. Make more sales: promoting your artworks and draw the attention of potential collectors who are likely to purchase something by using: #artforsale or #buyart

Now that we've covered the benefits of using them, it's time to explain how you can find the best Instagram hashtags for likes and followers.

Most popular #

  1. #love = 1.18 billion
  2. #instagood = 672.28 million
  3. #photooftheday = 465.87 million
  4. #amazing = 199 million
  5. #beautiful = 4.3 million

For the art world #

  1. #art = 318.1 million
  2. #instaart = 28.8 million
  3. #artoftheday = 13.8 million
  4. #contemporaryart = 12.08 million
  5. #instaartist = 11 million

Which # to use?

Most popular does not mean the easiest to find you in 1 billion posts but you may go extra viral. So select a good balance of popular enough and relevant to you.

Instagram allows you to post up to 2,200 characters (words+space) and 30 # per post.

Target #

As you target a specific audience, it is nice to keep your post clean and limit from 9 to max 11 #. A difficult principle that I have to apply better myself.

Target the top 9 # relevant to you. Here is a guideline:

Use hashtags that have 5x to 30x as many public posts as you have followers.

Example: You have 20k followers... Use hashtags with 100k to 600k public posts.

You can also take a look at the content reaching the top 9 hashtag to get an idea which one is achieving that and how you compare to them. 

Hashtag trends change rapidly so test different # regularly. Get your main and then maybe a couple of variable #.

But choose Powerful # that perform extremely well:

Where can you find the best #?

Instagram auto-populate the number of recent posts with a specific #, even those misspelt.

Otherwise, if you prepare your text and # on a desktop you may try Displaypurposes Top-Hashtags   Tagblender (computer) or Tagstagram Lite App (phone).

And of course, you can download the most common art world # and art fairs accounts here below.

If your target is to grow fast: 

  • Add a call for action: #followme #likeforlike #l4l #followforfollow #f4f #instalike
  • Add the specific day to the # if you want to target only people that day or the famous #tbt (throwback Thursday) or #jj (photographers)
  • Become easy to find by creating your own # by creating your brand, i.e. #artistname 

How to make it look nice?

Use the right caption for the description of your pictures and videos. 

Remember that the first line is shown under your post description. If you do not add a text but only #, keep it meaningful 😀

Keep it clean! Draw a line to clearly separate the content of the post description and the # block. Or simply add a first comment on your post after posting will count in your description.

The prevalence of English vs national language, all depends upon your target audience. You could be a star in your local area. English increase your international reach but if it is not your target, stay local. 

Avoid mixing languages, simply add another first comment in another language after posting (they will count in your profile 30 # per post). Moreover, the # you write in replying to comments count as well in your 30 # allowance 😫 !

Although, there is a trick to add up to 60# per post and this will be undisclosed in THoTA club member's area.

The # lifespan is only 2+ days to be featured in the Instagram suggestions (Explore, Most recent, # following and Recommendation). 

And finally, use emojis! Instagram now treats emojis like hashtags so that you can search for them. Emojis are not counted in your # allowance so go for it!

The new # following

Hashtags are so important in Instagram that now you can follow specific #. Instagram will show you a selection in your feed. 
Go to "search" (the magnificent icon) and select the # you are interested in. Find new profiles and follow them based on #.

The hashtags will be mentioned in the "Following" so visible to other users.

There are three things you can do on this page: Scroll through related hashtags, look at the Top Posts, and browse Recent Posts.

  • Related Hashtags: All related hashtags (like #dontquit, #getmotivated, etc. in this case), which users can scroll through sideways.
  • Top Posts: The nine posts using that hashtag that have seen the most engagement -- which usually means tweets from influential people or brands that have a lot of followers. This is limited to nine posts.
  • Most Recent: A live stream of Instagram posts from everyone posting that hashtag.

More explanation in the video below.

Since March 2018, your # in the profile bio are active. It will not suggest your profile out in the # search, just allow people to look away for similar post using that # - be aware!

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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