The five areas to watch on Instagram


The New Year, new resolutions ...  maybe keep some areas under control

As mentioned many times before, if you do not have a clear goal where you want to go to with your Instagram account; you don't know what to do and where to look at in order to check if what you're doing is productive or not.

So change your account from personal to business if not done yet. You can unpublish the FB page later on - no worries. 

Area #1: Engagement rate

The king of all the metrics that should be 7%-10% at any size of your account is the Engagement rate.

How do you calculate your engagement rate:

Divide your total number of actions by your follower count, and then multiply by 100 to give you a percentage.

=> Engagement rate = [(likes+comments+save+share) / nr of followers] x 100 

=> [611+42+1+23)/3500]*100 = 19.34% 👍 For the post of Shiaru Shiota

Area #2: When to post?

Who would you like you to follow you? Know their habit and post when "your ideal follower" is online

If you have a business account, you do have access to some metrics. Notably, the top countries, cities and the best time to post. Additionally, you may buy the app When to Post.

Area #3: What's your reach

The reach is the number of unique users that saw your post or story on any given day.

Unless you're putting some serious spend behind your Instagram posts, you probably won't have every single one of your followers see your content. And even with some serious spend, it's unlikely that you'll reach all of your followers. That's why reach is important. Reach tells you how many unique users are served your content every day. Try to maximise this metric to increase your visibility / exposure.

And of course, if you post at the right time (area #2) then you reach more people. A 15-min. gap can have a huge impact on your reach.

Reach on Posts: 

Either "View Insights" or go to settings / content / post

Reach on Stories:

Go to Home / archive / stories and swipe up

Or Go to settings / content / stories

Instagram Stories vs. posts, it's clear that no matter how many followers you have, more of them are seeing your posts than any given Story.

But wait! Even though fewer people are seeing Stories, the average account is getting lots of exposure with their followers who are watching Stories. The high retention rates (see below) mean that the followers who are watching stick around to see what you're saying.

Bottom line: Don't let post popularity keep you from investing in Stories. While posts are still reaching a broader cross-section of your followers, we can see via metrics like retention rate that followers are really watching your Stories. And, apparently, Instagram rewards the users publishing Stories content.

Area #4: The retention on your Stories

If you post a story per day, then it's easy, you go to the top right grid and click: Insight/content/stories and click on each Story "frame".

If you post multiple stories per day like 3 to 5, then you have to calculate how many users are staying with you from the first to the last "frame" - in other words, your "retention rate".

Retention rate

Other metrics are important too, but a strong retention rate is a good indicator of health across all your Stories analytics. And, of course, vice versa-a low retention rate goes hand in hand with a high exit rate, for example.

To automatically calculate and post your stories you may invest in that expensive software Storyheap (trial of 7 days).

Or you can use my old Excell spreadsheet: Instagram Analytics

Area #5: Traffic and sales from Instagram

I hope you use Instagram as a platform to bring the viewer to your website (email subscription) or your online platform (online shop). And have your Google Analytics report every month to tell you how many people visited your website.

Moreover, as seen previously, now you can add little shopping tag in your Posts, Stories and even go to the Shopping Explore. Meaning you need to track which item was the most successful in terms of sale.

To find out more, tap View Insights on a shopping post or swipe up on shopping stories in self-view to see the insights. And keep track of the relation: reach - sale.

From here, you also have the option to sort top shopping posts on various metrics through Insights on your business profile. It really is that easy!

I don't have a shopping product cart, so I cannot show you. But it is the same principle that a normal post or story.

To conclude, note the evolution and maybe think about what action could impact an area. If you want to catch the eye of a curator or an art gallery, you may focus on the Reach number. The more you have new eyes, the more chances you've got to be "discovered" or "under the radar".

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