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Jessie Pitt is an Australian landscape artist living in Tyrol, Austria. She uses mix-media (charcoal, ink, graphite, acrylic) in her drawing painting work. She participates in a few independent artist's fairs in London.


Desktop view

Phone view


It is important to give a sense of you and your art. You can advertise your next event. The exercise is to make your bio nice and to fit 150 characters (words + space).

If you intend to have a more professional account, be balanced with emojis.
Create your own # such as #jessiepitt and/or #jessiepittart.

Remove the press article link. Your profile redirects the viewer to the website. People who are interested to have more information about you, your artwork and your activity.

Followers / Following ratio

1,386 followers vs 2,416 following -> ratio: 75% following more than follower.

To become an influencer in your own right, the max ratio would be 10% more = 1,525 following. Moreover, it is difficult to be active with more than 2,500 following; since you are in sandwich between your followers and following community.

This profile looks like a mass-follower (following more than having followers) and not like a regular or popular account. If this profile follows a bigger account, this following value is not high enough.

Followers and engagement rate

Pay particular attention to the inactive followers and low activity. About 36% of your followers base has not interacted with you.
This may explain the low engagement rate:

So let's say 78 likes / 1,384 followers = 5% engagement average per post. 
At 1.08%, the overall profile engagement is low. The ideal would be 3% so around 100 likes per post.

It means that you have either to ditch all your inactive users or find hyper-active users.

Number of posts

789 posts - most probably since the opening of the account in 2013.
Keep only the last 3-month activity and archive the other posts. Who will ever scroll down to know what you did two years ago?

Moreover, the more choice and perhaps redundant images, the more difficult it becomes to like. People like by impulse in less than 3 sec. Keep max 9 to 12 images.

Instagram is becoming like the Twitter in images, the viewers are interested in what happens now. And, today, the "now" is even shorter.
Post regularly but do not spam your followers. An IG post got a lifespan of 2.5-day max. See Tips about the posting planning (How cool is Instagram?).

Post on different days, every two days, to see when your followers are online. Most people are between 19.00-21.00, every day of the week.


  • Settings: create a FB page and link it to your Instagram account. Change from users to a business account to access more insights and allow email/phone /direction. Your FB Page can be unpublished if you don't want to manage both platforms.
  • Invest in a £10 app to see who to follow/unfollow or use desktop PicBear
  • Unfollow 2000 users
  • Follow those who like you the most
  • Remove those who never interacted with you = ghost followers
  • Post regularly maybe not every day ;o) since the lifespan of an image on IG is about 2.5 days
  • Only keep the last 3 months posts -> archive all the rest on your phone


Now, you know that big numbers are not that relevant. What really counts at any size is your engagement rate!

The Results



Actions taken by THoTA

  • On the first week: like back and like some key #
  • On the second week: week 1 + unfollow followers and following / follow by affinity (drawing, artonpaper, mountain, snow, etc.)

Although, Jessie total followers count remained stable; behind the scene, THoTA removed about 158 inactive followers and Jessie earned 162 net new followers.

An active account has usually a lost of variations (hopefully positive) between followers gained and lost.

People who naturally unfollow you are genuinely not interested anymore. Move on!

The number of impressions peaked up to 6,892 (total exposure) and 967 reaches (unique viewers), 781 profile views, 5 clicks to website and 1 email.

Conclusion of the two weeks

The overall account was optimised by re-engaging Jessie's community, removing the ghost followers and targeting new active audiences.

The main objective to attract art professionals and art collectors need time, like any relationship and most particularly with the influencers.

The engagement in continental Europe: increase in followers from Paris, Austria and Italy.

 Happy Instagramming! 😀

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One of the most common problems I see with artists is that they make art randomly - where the creative flow brings them.

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