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This weekend London is busy with ArtLondon and the Artroomsfairs.
Let's analyse the artists' fair. Created less than five years ago, the business model of LeDame Gallery shifted towards the artists' community offering an exhibition's competition in London.

Profile and biography

Excellent decision to keep one name (even if it changed) before attacking the Italian market. Like Frieze and Artbasel, keep the global name and offer hashtags variations.

I would use a link shortener and customise the names for each link (web and stories) to sell the tickets or the competition registration.

The request to certify the account (blue tick) would allow Artrooms to place direct web links in their stories.

Follower / Following ratio

The account recently reached 10,013 followers vs 7,300 following.
I would definitely drop the number of following to only 1k max, keeping only:

  • the best-engaged artists' followers ;
  • the Influencers;
  • the partners and the press;
  • the collectors - if any.

It will immediately rocket the engagement rate, plus finally place Artrooms as a leading social media platform.


With the upcoming fair, Artrooms posts about 2 to 3 images per day. It's too much!

I would keep it to 1 or 2 per day max - prior the event. So it does not bring pressure during the fair and keep the balance of posting when there is no event in the pipeline (remember the QAR factor: regularity).

I would curate each selected artist in themes either: colour, medium or genre. Good to note that they requested the artist to send a quote as an "artist statement". But it does not give continuity to Artrooms' profile. 

I would rather ask the curator to do video interviews (60 sec.). Then, post a carousel of images with the info (date, name, size, medium). The Instagram account should be a window to pre-shop. The main purpose should be to promoting the artists to the potential collectors and visitors. 

And after the fair, I would post pictures of the sold artworks in the collectors home.

To be noted an excellent usage of poll stories to engage viewers to participate and vote. I would keep the stories to 3 images / 1 video max per day.

Engagement rate 

As we had seen previously in the ArtBasel Makeover, the bigger you are the lower the engagement rate. With 1.31% engagement for the last 3 months, it is lower than the recommended 3% but still performing better than some fairs.

In view to gain a better engagement, within the actions limit per hour and day; I would fairly spread the likes to be given to their followers and following. Definitely comment more on the following and save a few likes to recruit new artists.

As previously written, to rocket the engagement rate, I would unfollow 6k following.

The fair is happening during ArtLondon at the end of January when usually people are in the limbo of post-Christmas and New Year celebrations. It seems a difficult period to keep the mood of the viewer up for a lot of accounts.


In view to gain more "organic" and engaged followers, I would work with their Influencers. There are two artists who have more followers and a high engagement rate by doing an interview and feature them. 

Comparison table 

3 artists' fairs in London: Artrooms, The Other Art Fair, Moniker Art Fair.

As you can see from the engagement chart comparison above, The Other Art Fair does not perform at all - and I know the reason.  To be noted, the super performance of the Moniker art fair, which within 6 months grew fast and strong.


It's good to see that perseverance is paying off.
The social media could become an integral part of the business model not only to recruit new artists but also to sell artworks.

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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