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Beginning of December is usually the Miami week with tons of art fairs and collectors catching some sun tan before Christmas. Let's see how we could optimise the reference fair @artbasel.


It is a professional account promoting three major art fairs: HongKong (March), Basel (June) and Miami (December). The digital marketing team is composed of top professionals who have to produce top quality and maintain quantitative targets.

The hick is that most of their activity happen in only 7 months; leaving 5 months to develop content with nothing to sell.


As the premium account in the art world, they do not follow a lot accounts. Some key people and some ordinary ones as well. So be careful by following the accounts Artbasel follows.


Being a top account, you can reserve your likes only to your target audiences such as galleries and gallerists, art newspaper and art promoters. The common users like you and I would maybe have a like once in the lifetime.


Covering three different time zones (America, Europe and Asia), the recent publications engage all followers by posting around 4.00 pm (GMT).

Having enough great pictures or videos quality, plus a publication planning; Art Basel can post on a daily basis. Moreover, the more you post, the more Instagram works for you as a reward. You become top of the reach and are displayed first to similar audiences.

Being a very 'punctual' art moment in the calendar year, ArtBasel needs to produce enough high-quality content to be spread over the year. And fight the biggest challenge in the social media: "what's happening now". Therefore, they partner different projects, promote some galleries and artists in order to keep the momentum.


Pro: Being an art leader, you can have your own hashtag and go viral.

Con: Being a premium account, a lot of people mis-use your # for extremely low quality artworks.


Obviously, when you have a large base of followers, Instagram does not publish your post to all your audience at once but time-slice it.

Be aware that you do not decide who sees your post and when. But the bigger the account, the best Instagram works for you.

Engagement rate

Who would not dream to have 10k engagement (like/comment) per post? However, this

Let's just take a post of 16k engagements for 1.4m followers = 1.1%

Usually, the other post have less engagement.

I frankly do not know who came up with the evaluation grid below or how it became a "standard", but you can see that Artbasel is - according to that grid - not doing well.

Big accounts and low engagement rate from the "stars" of the art world.

Although, any personal business account would dream to reach those heights; the engagement rate is extremely low. This means, for example, those fairs paying for sponsoring with Artsy have to be very small IG accounts to really benefit from an Artsy referral. I think of the recent sponsoring at the occasion of AsiaNow art fair.

I doubt that ArtBasel policy allows to block the lagger followers but they should. So the success of their account relies only on the quality of their content and novelty.

A quick overview of some art fairs in the world. The "boutique" art fairs are doing better than the giants.


Big numbers do not equal big performance. ArtBasel has to navigate with the constraints of having their activity focused on about half a year and they surely cannot block mass followers. Their entire Instagram programme is based on the quality & freshness of their content.

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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