Alberto Corredor is a Film Director and Production Director. Alberto specialised in horror movies and is preparing, as I write, the final cut of his next movie "Baghead". The movie will be screened on 2 December 2017, at BAFTA during the Triforce Short Film Festival.

Alberto gave me a "carte blanche" to manage his campaign and his profile that are like an extra business card.  The objectives of the campaign:

  • gain exposure in the UK, France, Germany and Spain,
  • promote the movie,
  • find potential connections to work on the next project in London.


The account started on 28 September 2017 with 1 image and 0 followers. Then, in two weeks, it grew fast up to 186 followers with only 3 pictures. 


The following target is "scriptwriter" who needs a film director preferably in London, then maybe in France, Germany and Spain. And of course, following the big film industry accounts. 

  • independent film, film festival
  • film players: BFI, BAFTA, Festival de Cannes, Berlinale and Spanish festivals
  • script writer, screen writer and script to screen
  • back the people who regularly liked / comment for a month


The software likes about 900 pictures per day! The actions were taken to gain followers in Europe:

  • like actors and actress, then country specific actor, country-specific actress and auditions,
  • like horror movies, scary movies, independent movies, film,
  • like big film industry accounts: BFI, BAFTA, Festival de Cannes, Berlinale and Sitges festival and San Sebastian Film Festival; plus their #,
  • like the pictures that were taken on specific locations: Trafalgar Square Odeon, etc.
  • like & comment on actor and actress in general, and focus on britishactor / britishactress

Since the objective is to create a trusted and active community, I regularly removed the inactive followers. After peaking at 306 followers in a month. Even if the profile seems not to grow, internally it was changing a lot. For example, on 4th November, we gained about 50 followers in a day, and I automatically removed 50.
As today, Alberto's followers' count is about 300+ i.o. 500, among them only 8 who have not engaged yet. But of course, not for long. 😀

Followers' activity level

As a rule, every new follower receives 3 likes plus a DM (direct message to thank for the follow). If after two days or the next post, the followers have not interacted, then I remove them. This fast-paced technique allows Alberto's account to have 80% active community. Meaning that every post now is seen by the correct audience (interest) and they are active.


The regularity in posting is important, the account had no more than a few photos for weeks, as I was waiting for the audition and the shooting to take place. 

Today, I have enough material to post a picture every day for a year, if needed. And I've already planned the publishing until end of November. In the pipeline for December, the night of the screening and a short teaser.

Power hashtags

Instagram limits 30 # per post. Each picture got power hashtags that favour high reach to new audience.


I have tried different days and time, even on weekends. And surprise, there were more immediate like and comment on a Saturday at 11.30 am. The best day is Thursday 8 pm. The total reach is 669.02%.
By knowing your followers' habits, you can reach them quickly.

Alberto's community is easy to reach - meaning they do not follow too many accounts.

Engagement rate

Having a good reach level and hashtags, the engagement rate increased and you can identify the regular followers.

The results in 7 weeks

Three scripts sent to be reviewed for a next potential project. And, countless makeup artists, music composers, actors and actresses from the UK, Germany, Spain and France ready to collaborate.
Key Influencers: TheTCN reposted a picture. Berlinale_Shorts followed and liked after a month of like.
And in Jan '18, ShortsTV follows Alberto, after 3-month daily massive like.


All you need is time! Build a good community first and then grow over 500+ and so forth. It may take longer but at least you are sure that 70% of the community is interested in what they see and will engage with you regularly.

Social media is not an overnight win, not even if you advertise. In order to reap its benefits you've got to be in it for the long haul.

A quick overview of numbers on 13 Jan 2018 (3.5 months)

Not only peaking up but keeping strong on the engagement rate at 27.30%

The target locations were London, Berlin and Spain. And, Alberto's account is right on it. Yeah 🤙

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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