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Having built two accounts with only 10 fingers on my phone, I am relieved to use a software to post and another one to manage several accounts. But, remember that any click on the web leaves a trace! And that Instagram forbid using BOTS.

Instagram logarithm before

For the advanced users, you possibly have multiple apps or invested in a software. This can become dangerous since Instagram can block or ban you with its logarithm.

New look with a story preview and the comment box but mostly new trackers. The advanced users working with BOTS may experience some troubles with their usual bot. And even, several companies had to close down their services due to that new logarithm.

It is easy to detect if you were liking 20 posts per day ten over sudden, you like 900 per day. Go gradually or Instagram will notice you, slow you down and flag you.

Bot pros

You can almost be on auto-pilot: like, like back, follow, follow back, unfollow, comment and DM thanks to the hashtags.

Social media convention: to like back

If a post is successful, it is humanly impossible to like back 300 users in an hour.

Plus, remember that Instagram wants you to go often on the platform, you're limited to about 150 like/unlike, 60 comment actions (incl. like comment and response) and 60 follow/unfollow per hours for around 2,400 per day. Which means that you should not work on the bot, on your phone and another external app at the same time.

It can lead you to a temporary ban from a few hours to a few days, to ban you from your own # or to close your account.

Bots are quite expensive if you don't have the result you expect (sales or build contact).  Bots cost up to $50 per month per account. But bots make you save time. All depends on how much you value your time.

Bot cons

A bot can like the pictures in your feed plus other #tag or people request. If you add some manual like, you may go over the average of 150 likes per hour. Repeatedly, go over the limit and Instagram will block your account for 2 or 4 days.

The same logic applies for massively following / unfollowing accounts. Instagram will prevent doing certain actions.

The same thing applies for likes on comments, comments and responses to comments - mostly to prevent you to respond to POD comments.

And you may end up by not being shown to your audience or better know as: 👇

The Instagram Shadow-ban

There has been a lot of talks recently among marketers about what's called the Instagram Shadow-ban. Essentially, a Shadow-ban is when Instagram withholds the distribution of your photo or video on Instagram due to "inappropriate content".

Inappropriate content can vary widely, but usually, it has to do with the content of the photos or videos themselves or spam-like behaviour such as using bots to engage with users or ban hashtags.

Using a software for multiple accounts with only one IP address is dangerous.

Some users of automated software claim they've been at the mercy of the "shadow ban" for months; preventing you to increase your audience reach.

Some have 'fixed' the issue by converting back to a personal account, others by logging in from a different device with a new IP, but none of these fixes seems to last long or to recover everybody. (More details about How to recover from a Shadow-ban in the member area only.)

Here's a screenshot of the Official statement from Instagram on Feb 28, 2017, about an issue causing faulty shadow bans on a lot of accounts. They have acknowledged the issue and have their engineers working on it or maybe not.

Recommended BOT

Hopefully, if you're using a BOT correctly, you will not be noticed. The best and safer non-web based software: Follow Adder.

Remember to go gradually with all the actions and refrain from overdoing it. You would like the bot to help you not to become a burden.

And if you don't want to risk starting all over again due to an Instagram ban, then all you need is time and dedication!

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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