How to gain more followers


To the usual question "How can I gain more followers", here are the simple steps to nurture your community. Go from point 1 to 8 and repeat 😀

© Richard Colman
© Richard Colman

Here is your Instagram routine

  1. Post regularly: you decide every x day + h time. And, you stick to it.
  2. Post with a purpose: What do you want to tell? Is it relevant to your audience? 
  3. How will you evaluate the success of the post? Do you have a secret number in mind: like, comment, followers, repost, save and share?
  4. 80% of your time is spent towards your loving audience
    => like your followers and your following - even if you don't like what they post
  5. Each new follower: you will like 3 posts on the first row and possibly comment.
  6. To all new followers: you will send a thank you note for the follow
  7. To new comment: you will respond with more than 4 words and add emoji
  8. To new like: you will like back

What's the reasons for all that fuzz?

  1. Baby steps: Increase your reach by being regular - like your new gym membership in January, if you want results you need to work out every day.
  2. Post with a purpose: share only the best, it favours interaction and retention. Instead of publishing anything wait and PLAN it. Here is the planning tool 
  3. What do you expect from Instagram? If you don't know what you measure, you're just wasting your time.
  4. 80% to the audience: "Being social" means you are more interested in others than your own profile. Be generous to your followers and following; your engagement rate will rocket.
  5. 3 likes Rule: start a good relationship from the first click. It shows that you're interested and then it's easier to see who's a ghost user later on.
  6. Send DM: bound with your new followers and send them a short "thank you" message. It's usually off-profile that deals are made. You can ask question to increase the response rate.
  7. Reply to comment: not only because you're polite by acknowledging the person but also it increases your reach-ability. 1 comment = 5 likes!
  8. To like back: yes, it consolidates the relationship you have with your users - even if you don't follow them. Therefore, it maintains a high engagement rate plus an optimum active followers number.

To conclude

Generally if you lose followers, it is rarely due to point 1 and 2.

Depending on your time, focus on 4 to 8. Start with one then add up. And work separately on points 1 to 3 with the tip below:

Doing all above manually is just not possible and that is where THoTA come in. Feel free to contact me and visit the website.

And if you prefer to get the results without the fuzz, check our Instagram Packages

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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