How cool is Instagram?


The average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks every day, accounting for 28% of the total time spent on the internet. And, a third of all internet usage is now happening via mobile.

Instagram is THE visual mobile platform by excellence; the perfect springboard for the art world. With an efficiency 58 times better than FB and 120 higher than Twitter.

Since July 2018, one billion users are on Instagram and 500m daily users. Users pass about 15 min. per day on IG. This visual jam is very attractive to the 25-35 y.o. and it's free advertising for you 😀 

What can Instagram do for you?

The hashtags offer an easy way to be found and interact with your target audience: collectors, curators and gallerists.
It can certainly increase your visibility, then inspire you and access contacts with key players. The biography link could redirect the viewer to an online shop gallery on your website. (see next post in Feb 2018)

Why only Instagram?

According to marketing insiders, Instagram has become the most relevant platform for talented artists to promote themselves since it's primarily a photo and video sharing platform. Plus, it's fun, easy and displays you and your work beautifully.

Post regularly

It helps to keep your followers "loyal", to grow your audience and ultimately to define who is a good follower.

If you're lacking image / video / inspiration, REPOST app. You can repost from bigger accounts to take advantage of their popularity. That's how I got AiWeiwei, galleries and collectors noticing my profile.


Not all of your gallery must be about your artwork, it can show your interest, visits to exhibitions or fairs, and it allows the followers to "get to know you" better.

What is a publication plan?

A good gallery is prepared well in advance. Post with a purpose and forget about vernacular pictures. Post by series or events.
The success of your account is only based on the QAR factor. It means Quality, Authenticity and Regularity.

  • Quality: top content favours engagement with your audience. Sometimes 'Less is More'. There is a different feeling between planned and random posting.
  • Authenticity: find your own brand and use the Instagram page as a gallery to present artworks. Prepare series of 9 or 12 posts per month with the text and hashtags. Keep a maximum of 3 months posts then archive your images.
  • Regularity: plan at least a post per week to stay in top of mind. An audience can be educated. You want them to like you when you post because they 'know' you. Most of your users might log-in for 15 min. between 19.00-21.00

And finally

What ever social media platform you are on, 
20% towards yourself vs. 80% driven towards others = social media principle
Being social means, you spend more time on your followers/following than on your own posting schedule.

Have a happy planning month 😀

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Pro Tips

Work in series


One of the most common problems I see with artists is that they make art randomly - where the creative flow brings them.

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