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Early April 2018, FB changed their back-end profile security and it turned the whole world upside down - even causing troubles to the whole UK. Including Instagram.

I was about to publish an article "How to get the best of your Instagram profile by changing it into a business profile" and now I need to revise it.

Business or Personal account? Check what is best for you.

Chart from Later
Chart from Later

The pros of Instagram business profile

Those who've switched to a business profile not only have the ability to check on how their accounts are growing over time with Instagram's analytics, but they can also analyse how individual posts are performing and compare the specific results for each post. And Finally, buy adverts to have more followers and engagement.

All info such as email, phone and address are immediately displayed on top of your feed.

But to be noted that nobody ever called me / text messaged me. A few did look at Direction (but THoTA is a virtual office). And when requested in a DM, what was the email, I had to type it or mention the famous "look in bio".
In two years of extended usage of Instagram, maybe three persons sent me an email. So even if you see that there were xx people email, how many did push the sent button?

What does this mean for you?

With a business account, you can see a summary line with the number of reach. To view your general statistics, click on the top chart. There is also a split by gender, cities and countries.

You'll be able to see exactly how effective your posts are at attracting a new audience, based on impressions from various sources- including your Instagram hashtags! Having access to these insights can help you to continuously optimise your hashtag strategy. To access this information, select the post you want to get more detailed analytics on and hit View Insights on the bottom left.

Swipe up to see the full page of data for that post, including things like reach, impressions, and interestingly enough - how the people who viewed your post found you

By being strategic about which hashtags you use in a post and checking your individual post insights (engagement vs reach), you can begin to narrow down the hashtags that are most effective for your profile.

Do you want to take advantage of this Instagram feature? See how to set up an Instagram business profile here. It is linked to one FB Page that you can create from the Instagram app.

The Cons of having an Instagram business profile

Apparently business profiles are not shown as much as personal profiles, since IG wants you to buy advertisement. It is easier to track your activity and shadow ban you. Although, the last two are purely speculation.

The fact is that the bigger your account, the harder it becomes to be seen. With the new algorithm, Instagram only shows your post to 10% of your audience with whom you interacted previously (you or the audience liking, commenting, saving, reposting). The whole new game now is to have the maximum engagement within 1 hour. Instagram rewards you if you like and comment a lot by showing your posts to a larger audience, which likely will respond by a like / comment. The top cream place is not to be in the top #post but Explore for a certain # (even a few minutes). This position increase the possibilities to become viral and to gain followers.

So getting 5k likes in 7 days is less performant than receiving 1k likes in an hour.

As the recent update of FB and Instagram API's affected a few apps and profile, I have decided to switch off the business profiles of all my clients and THoTA accounts.

Those IG stats might be talking to you or not. But to me they were rather generalist, giving a vague outline. There is another tool to track exactly your stats per post which is PeopleMap (currently down because of that recent FB/IG update) or less precise: Socialrank (free version) and the full statistics with Iconosquare.

And I just realise now that watching constantly the number of reach on my profile, created a certain stress. So I will try to continue without a business profile for a few weeks. The Instagram adventure continues 🤙

Happy Instagramming! 😀

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