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With the sun out, Instagrammers are more active and Spring is the perfect time to transform your profile into a killer Instagram profile, that people will follow and like.

Username and name

The username is the @xxx. The name, generally the line in bold, could be used as a tag line with key words. This will help your profile to stand out and increase your search-abilty.

How may people write: @soandso and the name is soandso?

Use your name to tell in 35 characters who or what you do.
Something like: @soandso //  your name: Contemporary painter (this will increase your rank in search) on Instagram

Rework your bio

Instagram bio is almost replacing your website. People will look at your profile and decide to follow / like you in 3-sec about the general impression of you. Then, they may go to your website. It is becoming very important to have an appealing bio.

You bio should answer the basic 5WH questions: who, what, why, when, where, how. All of this in 150 characters. And I would keep it to max 2 lines. You can use emojis to be shorter.

So who you are and what you do seems pretty easy. Then add clues why people should follow you (new series, exhibition), additional info: where you are located if relevant.

Your bio can contain # which will not make your profile 'searchable' but will show possibly your own branded #, ie: #soandso

=> recap: @soandso | your name = what you do | in the bio: your branded #soandso

The must have is the "How". How people can contact you, book your services, buy your artworks or commission you artworks. This refer to the usual "link in bio".

If you do have a business Instagram account, do mention your email. 
If you have a business account, it will automatically redirect the viewer. If you're afraid that people call you, don't be afraid no-one ever called or texted me. But if you have an impulsive collector, it may be good to at least mention your phone / email.

Link in bio

The link in bio is often use to redirect the viewer, after a call to action. For example: Buy paintings 👇 (pointing to a website link)

As you may know Instagram does not allow weblink in posts. Therefore, several tricks may help you to redirect your viewer to different part of your website(s).

First, you can use (the free version is pretty good and mention the number of clicks). You could slice your web links by series or artwork for sale or external sale platform.

Second, if you have a shopping website gallery, you could use Later LinkinBio to link immediately, in the Instagram post, the artwork / product for sale. Later pushed even further by allowing up to 5 different links per posts. So you can redirect the potential buyer to purchase everything in the picture. 

Third alternative, Snapppt (used by SaatchiArt). It will create a webpage with shopping cart options. Follow the step by step settings and promote your shopping list.

Profile posts

If I were you I would keep only the last 3 months posts. Who's interested in what you published in 2015?

Keep the same look and feel, prepare a grid of 9 to 12 posts (a telephone screen) and plan harmoniously your publications. Curate your captions, you can write up to 2,200 characters in a post, so be generous in telling a story. Moreover, Instagram rewards profile where viewers stay long (=interesting) vs those who only zap like.

If you're taking the same artwork from different angle, use Carrousel (several images in one post). Mention the size and the material. In the end, you're willing someone to buy your art; so make it easy for everyone to first appreciate then figure out if the artwork could fit on a wall in their lounge. You should mention a bracket or a price range. Then finally invite the viewer to contact you.

And finally, plan your publications instead of impulsively publish for the sake of publishing. "Less is More". Be rare but be bang on it each time you do publish. 

You can vary the look and feel of your feed as you want. Remember that Instagram is famous for being the square format. Any other format will be centred cropped (be careful of the shopped heads). All the important information needs to be rather in the centre.  

And if you prefer to do it all from your phone, use Preview app which costs £7.99 or Unum - Design Perfection app (grid pro @ £ 5.99)

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And the cherry on the cake, if you are an Instagram Story addict, is to create Highlights icons in Canva to sort your stories, in a more professional manner: exhibition, in the studio or you can add emoji instead of titles.

Have a happy profile revamping 😀

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