Don't be a "mass follower"


A "mass follower" is someone who follows more than 1,500 accounts on Instagram. And, it does not matter if you have 20k followers!

Those accounts have no value for the accounts they follow because they possibly never see your post and therefore, never interact with your content.

Soon, they will become YOUR ghost followers. Those who followed you but never engage with you. I have to clean my followers and remove all those "mass" following me since they decrease my account performance.

Keep it clean and small! 

You frankly don't have to follow the whole art world. Be selective. As your followers' number increases, then you may follow additional accounts but as a rule of thumb; I always advise to follow the maximum 500 accounts.

Quality followers, first!

When you have a new person following you, you're glad. Maybe you give a thank you note and/or 3 likes on the last posts as a reward.

The new follower just followed you and, did not replicate the likes - the connection seems compromised. This is the reason why you should block immediately people with a 1,5k higher count of following. It's not your fault, but they will never see you again.

How to clean your following?

Try the phone app on I-phone "Captivate" which automate for you mass follow/unfollow.

  • First rule, unfollow anyone who's not following you back.
  • Second rule, unfollow those who did not engage with you for the last 3 months (they became ghosts)
  • Third rule, block the followers who follows more than 1.5k

Remember that you can only follow/unfollow 60 people per hour, or Instagram may block this function for a few hours to a few days.

How to use Captivate on your I-phone? Check 👇

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