Booh! Chase ghosts for Halloween


Halloween is approaching and time is up to chase ghosts. 

In this post, I would like to share my latest experience and underline the importance of cleaning regularly your Ghost followers on Instagram.

A ghost follower is, for example, someone who follows you but never interacted with you (like / comment) - even if you do like them or don't follow them back.
Therefore, whereas your profile looks engulfed, your engagement rate goes down and makes your credibility bad.

Why did I chunk 900 followers in 3 days?

Two weeks ago, I was ecstatic preparing my "thank you story" to my dear  10,900 followers and then I realised that my average engagement rate dropped to only 350 engagements (like / comment / save) per post.

A quick calculation: 350 engagements / number of followers = 0.032% engagement rate.

This was obviously bad. And therefore, I chased my ghosts from the last 6 months and chunked manually 900 people in 3 days.

The sad news is, I still have about 4k inactive users to clean up for The House of The Artists' account. Halloween will be fun this year ;o) But, I will do it because my engagement rate will peak up again to 5%.

Lesson learnt: it is not the number of followers but the engagement rate that counts!

What engagement rate is considered good in the social media?

To conclude, do a regular clean up of those who had a "fling" for you and then never come back or like you once a year ago.

Tools there are several free tools for your phone/tablet. The premium account costs around £ 10. It worth it, even if there might be some mistakes.

Happy Halloween!

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