Best Tools for Instagram


If you want to seriously take off your Instagram account, you may equip yourself with the correct tools. And of course, it is against Instagram community rules.

Let's first be clear: Instagram rules forbid to use any extra help to follow/unfollow or like or comment.

There is a plethora of phone app or computer plugin and software to use, but they all leave an internet trace, making you detectable.

Moreover, if you become too greedy, it is easy for Instagram to prevent you to do one or two actions on your account. I have been blocked liking and commenting back on a daily basis.

Therefore you know that you may be penalised from time to time by being suspended or up to have your account deleted.

A quick reminder about the limitation on Instagram: 

Instagram regulates the flow of activities to about 150 likes, 60 comments and 60 follows/unfollows per hour. A maximum of 2,400 actions per day!

Which tool for what?

To auto-publish: 

unless you can post from your laptop browser, it may be easier to post with (there is a free version) or Tailwind. I would keep only the official providers otherwise, Instagram may hide that post published with an "un-authorised" tool.

All-in-one actions: follow/unfollow, like, comment and DM

 Do you remember that each click leaves a trace?

With FollowAdder, it's a software which is NOT linked with an IP address, meaning safer but still detectable. It costs about $50 for one license and 6 months. It request a bit of training to use it but afterwards, it is kind of easy to think about. It is sometimes slow in finding the request and action your request.

Or from your Internet browser, you may use MyBusinessAutomation. Once you have time mindset it is quite easy to set up. Otherwise, you may check this Youtube video to help you to set up. It is easier than FollowAdder and it has some additional functionalities such as to "like people followers". But as well an auto-repost functionality. It costs € 10 per month. 

Only Like: Everliker plugin for Google Chrome is doing marvels. The Pro version costs only £3.19 per month and it worth every penny.