7 mistakes to avoid on Instagram


Let's face it. We all did it, and the results were poor. For now on, we know how to improve it 😋

1. Lack of a goal-driven strategy

Goal: It's one of those common business words that is easily forgotten. But, goals form the foundation of your plans and strategies.

Why are you on Instagram?  Maybe there is another platform you feel more comfortable with, be good on one instead of being bad everywhere.

What outcomes do you want? Spending hours on a social media without an exact idea of what you will get from Instagram corresponds to just wasting time.

2. No link in bio to drive traffic to your website or selling platform

A click is the lifeblood of your website. Very simple Instagram marketing tips include a link to your actual portfolio. Never miss an opportunity to sell your artwork.

Not making your profile as a business and keep it personal. You don't have to put all your details in the bio. Just change your profile and use your 150 characters 😋

3. Making your Instagram account private

Why are you on the "social media". You will not reach a lot of followers if you make your Instagram account private.

If you want to just get inspired or spy other accounts, don't invest too much time in your private profile.

I personally remove any private account who follows me or my clients because it means "one-way" communication, which is contradictory to social media.

4. Continually posting duplicate photos

Trust me, loyal Instagram users will be quick to unfollow you if you're constantly posting duplicate photos and videos. 

Yes, the grid is to count by multiples of 3 and a good screen of 9 posts!

Sure, once in a while, there might be a good reason to repost a photo or video that you've shared with your followers before (sold artwork - maybe), but don't make this a habit.

New research found that Instagram users love to shop. Sadly, you'll discourage many of them from purchasing your artwork, if your content is not unique or engaging.

5. Not responding to user comments promptly and not liking back

Comments are a user engagement metric that Google looks out for. This is because user engagement leads to retention, which leads to growth and then sales.

Remember that if you don't reply to comments or like back, eventually it will be interpreted as a sign that you really don't care about your followers and fans. They will take their Instagram account elsewhere where they get some love back.

Therefore, make it a point to always respond to comments and like back. I know you're busy creating new artworks, but don't let that excuse affect your relationship with your Instagram followers - especially those who always comment on your content or like you - they are your fans.

To ensure that your followers get your replies, just "@" tag their Instagram handle in all replies and add emojis. Add, a function like back to ensure a strong relationship.

6. Focusing on quantity, not quality

Instagram is a unique image-sharing app. Just by studying top accounts and how they get followers, you can learn a lot about Instagram marketing.

For example, one of the lessons I learned was to focus on the quality of my photos and videos and add meaningful text.

A single inspiring post can generate up to 34,000 likes and over 300 comments, on average. Spamming your followers with bad quality visuals and posting 3 times per day will make them run away from you.

Less is more

Quality matters. And Instagram is a visual platform so taking pictures of your artwork in a bad light, badly framed etc is off-putting. Not adding crucial information such as title, year, size and an artist statement for your series, does not bind with your audience.

7. Misuse of hashtags

Trust me, you can misuse hashtags on Instagram, the same way brands and marketers misuse hashtags on Twitter and Facebook.

Creating and promoting hashtags is part of the goal-driven strategy that we talked about, because it can help build your artistic awareness. But, make sure to abide by a few simple rules, when creating or using hashtags.

The truth is, most of us are confused when it comes to the optimal number of hashtags a post should have.

Most of the tags that make you discovered are about 5. Of course, an average of 11 or more tags receives nearly 80% interaction, compared to posts that contain just 2 hashtags (41% interaction).

Note: Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. However, you should not overload your posts.

You want to be relevant and engage the right users. And if you use big names tags to promote yourself such as #artbasel or #frieze without a good reason; you'll likely lose credibility.

See the previous article about The Power of Hashtags


Instagram is here to stay. So leverage its power to grow your followers, generate traffic to your website and build a loyal audience that will love and trust you.

Other common Instagram mistakes not mentioned, such as:

  • Posting pictures that aren't properly sized
  • Posting content at the wrong time
  • Omitting a call-to-action from your post or profile
  • Purchasing followers or engagement
  • Being overly promotional
  • Not posting videos

Have a happy planning month 😀

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