The House of The Artists

Instagram Art Agency

THoTA boosts your online presence by managing your Instagram account on your behalf. Plus, THoTA mentors and advises you about Instagram and the art digital marketing strategies for the art world.

Hence, you have more time to create, work and live.

Artists Members Benefits

Independent artists access private information: get exclusive members content, the support of a mentor, the private IG Pod, the private FB group, online webinars and special service rates.

For a nominal fee, bring your artist career to the next level. 

What Tony says about THoTA Club

What' s included in THoTA Club?

Instagram Profile Optimisation

Get feedback on how to make your Instagram profile stand out in a 121 conversation. (value £60)

Test the Instagram Academy for free

In-depth tips help you to manage your Instagram account with a straightforward methodology.

Receive and Give

Receive likes and comments from THoTA associated IG accounts

Receive the current trendy # to focus on and the fair calendar to follow.

Private Live "Q&A"

Any question? Attend the weekly
Live Q&A and access the replay on IGTV.

Telephone support and Private WhatsApp Group

You are not alone! Do you have a question? Send me a mail and we solve it during a group or a private conversation.

Artist Coaching / Mentoring

Reach your artist career objectives with a coach who keeps you on track.

(soon) PodCast

Listen to the best tips to beat the Instagram algorithm on Instagram.

In English with a French accent 😆

And in French with a Belgian accent 🤣

And preferred services rates to "pick & choose" from a large range: from Mentoring, Art Agency and Instagram services. THoTAClub members also benefit from no services price increase in 2019.

Join THoTA Club!

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Upon payment in full, you will be redirected to the membership access page!

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